About Us

We are Randa Bennett and Patricia Salume, founders of vHelp and VeeLoop, an award-winning online payment service that empowered kids and teens to shop online safely.

When the first Covid-19 lockdown started, we wanted to help so we started to shop for our neighbours. We quickly found that taking payment was an awkward and impractical experience. Firstly, you have the money exchange happening at the door, then the hassle when you don’t have the right change to give back. Let alone the risk of contamination, with cash being one of the dirtiest objects to be exchanged. There was also a major risk around safeguarding vulnerable people when dealing with cash and payments.

With our payment knowledge and experience, we decided to shift our focus and give back to the community by building vHelp to solve those problems during lockdown and beyond.
As we started to get to know charities, we identified a bigger problem; reimbursing volunteers’ expenses, an outdated process that needed to be modernised to support volunteers, keep them motivated and fit for the new world we live in (think remote working, people getting more comfortable with digital payments). So we grew vHelp by introducing vHelp Expenses, our fastest growing product.

Patricia Salume

Co-founder & COO

Randa Bennett

Founder & CEO

This is our incredible team that turns visions into reality in record time


Edil Abdi

Marketing Executive

Andy Hillier

Head of Marketing & Communication

Development Team

Juan Diaz

App Developer

Lakini Senanayaka

App Developer

Kai-Ael Aaron

Full Stack Developer